A Comprehensive Resource for grief recovery located in the Austin Area

The Austin Center for Grief and Loss, located in the Austin area,  offers individual therapy and support groups for all ages.

Austin Center for Grief and Loss has published two videos that are available from their website.
     Helping Parents Grieve
     Helping Children Grieve

Books I Recommend:

A Time To Grieve  by Carol Staubacher

Tear Soup by Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen  
     (This book is illustrated beautifully and looks like a children's book.  It is appropriate for children, but    it is really a wise book about adult grief. It is available in print or video.)

Gift of the Red Bird by Paula D"Arcy   This site is an excellent resource for books about all types of loss for all ages.

Videos and Documentaries I Recommend:

Motherland  a film by Jennifer Steinman 
    available at

Grief to Peace - a 6 series documentary available at

Websites that are helpful:

Wise Old Sayings ( offers an extensive list of online resources for all types of loss.

Compassionate Friends  ( is a national organization with chapters across the country for bereaved parents.

Foundation for Grieving Children ( is a good source of information regarding how children grieve.  It lists grief centers that care of children nationwide.

Ronald Rolheiser is a Roman Catholic priest and the president of The Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.  His website offers weekly blogs and listed with his extra articles are "Writings on Suicide". His words are spiritually comforting for families grieving such traumatic loss.   This website has a "word of the day" option that is helpful in feeding our effort to see the beauty and goodness around us each day.  When grief is raw, we need intentional ways like this to nurture ourselves.  is written by Jaclyn Johnson, who lost one of her twins, Samantha, at 5 weeks. Her story is beautifully and poignantly told.  offers written resources (books and pamphlets) for specific types of loss.  Some of their materials are free.  An excellent selection.

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